Monday, 30 March 2009

cricket coaching in hertfordshire

i wrote this article after my son attended one of Jemile's cricket coaching sessions, we had previously taken our son to a number of coaches some good and some very expensive. Our quest for good cricket coaching in hertfordshire for our son led us to Jemile, my son adam has been playing herts junior cricket for some time now and finding the right people to coach him has been hard. We found coaches tend to pigeon hole bowlers and the amount of individual bowling coaching tailored to our sons needs did help, and i actually think his game regressed as a result.
Jemile however is different as is his approach to coaching, he quickly diagnosed and assesed ashley's action and was able to implement smalll changes that allowed ashley to bowl faster and straigter. He is now bowling faster than ever and jemile has taught him how to use his cricket bowling run up to help his fast bowling and get wicket's.
Within two weeks of seeing Jemile Ashely had taken his first five wicket haul in the saracens herts cricket league and herts junior cricket where very pleased with him also. Although we live in north london we have no problems in coming the extra miles to get cricket coaching in hertfordshire for our son, we have and will continue to go to Jemile as we believe he is one of the best cricket coaches in hertfordshire.
His Cricket School - is well attended and very popular enter here
I wrote this article because asked me to do a review of his services and i gladly agreed, and i would suggest to anyone ainvolved in cricket in herts who requires coaching to go and see Jemile, he is reasonably priced, charming and extremely good with the boys.
John Prina - Langlebury CC

Cricket Coaching in Herts

Cricket Coaching in Herts by Jemile of The Cricket School, The Cricket Coaching school in herts has long been recognised as one of the top cricket coaching safehouses in herts.
Head Coach Jemile Darraji Former Surrey Cricketer and ECB Level 3 (equivalent to current level 4), is an advanced coach working to improve players and put players forward for herts and other counties trials. In 2008 alone Jemile submitted over 100 boys to play cricket for Middx,Kent,Essex,Surrey and Herts all of which attended and received cricket coaching in herts at Jemile's own cricket school.
An Experienced coach in both batting and bowling Jemile has been supplying cricket coaching in herts for both boys and girls, and to date has provided cricket coaching to over 2000 children and adults in the herts area.
During the summer Jemile conducts cricket lessons at shenley cricket centre and uses bowling machines and video camera analysis to help advanced players progress, Jemile is also a skilled cricket coach of young children. His unique style of breaking teaching and learning cricket sections down into easy to understand sections allows players to progress quickly. I myself have used Jemile's cricket coaching service and can honestly say that he is the best coach i have ever seen, i have played cricket for over 10 years in london and as a youngster i receieved coaching from a number of cricket coaches and ex pro's, and without a shadow of doubt Jemile is the best coach i have ever seen .
If you have or have ever had cricket coaching in herts and not seen Jemile, or booked onto one of Jemile's cricket coaching courses i strongly suggest you do so. He is considered to be the best in his field by many that use his services.
Gary B

Monday, 2 March 2009

3 tops tips to being a good cricket coach

Here are some of my very own tips on good Cricket Coaching and how to better at Cricket Coaching .

As a cricket coach, you should always remain calm and constructive - not objective.

1.Criticism should always be constructive and concise.

2. Ensure that the player understands the coaching, ask them to repeat back what you have said to them and how they will benefit.

3. Outline for the player how they will benefit from this coaching and what they will gain.

4. Construct whenever possible your cricket coaching sessions in advance.

5. Use chalk to mark areas on the wicket for players to see clearly what they need to do.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

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Monday, 2 February 2009

Cricket warm ups

in my time of playing and being a cricket coach

i have seen many warm and not enough warm ups.

i've put this piece of advice on a video .....listen and feel free to comment, if you

are a blogger please link to this post as it will provide your playing/coaching

readers with sound information - alot of which regular coaches do not cover... a

Online Cricket Coaching delays

wow what a stinker of a day, i woke this morning to see snow all over the place. and i was going to do some film for my new site cricket coaching online. oh well back to bed online cricket coaching can wait for another day and by the looks of it another week.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cricket Batting Coaching Tips

Welcome to my article about Cricket Batting Coaching Tips ....

Advice for all you budding batsman out there, the purchasing of a cricket bat is a happy and monumentous occasion for all of us. Big Boys with Toys !

However the current trend of people buying overweight bats seems to be on the rise.

Batting is not about smashing across the line, & hitting sixes and fours.

It is about accumulating runs and placing the ball in a risk free manner where the fielders are not. It's about annoying the heck out the captain, bowler and fielders and creating frustration that knocks them off their games - and keeps you on top of yours.

If your bat is too heavy, your bottom hand will constanly come into play and as such you will loss the control of the top guiding hand as a means to places fielders where you want them .....

Q. Is your bat to heavy for you ?

Q How will you know ?

If you cannot hold the bat at a 90% angle away from your body with your top hand only (ie the top hand for a right hander is the left hand) then the bat is too heavy ?
If your bat is too Heavy you are in danger of missing balls, miss timing shots and you'll give bowlers the upper hand.

Do you really want to do that ?

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